Active Children Learning Center

How to Enroll

1. Contact our Center Director ( Work # 410 672-2244 or Cell #: 443 370-6465 ) to get the forms for enrollment. It is recommended for parents and/or guardians to visit our facility with your child or children to introduce the look and setting of the center.

2. The Center Director will discuss the enrollment process, forms and answer questions that you might have. To preview the enrollment forms required please click links below. We suggest printing the forms and start answering some of the questions.

ACLC Registration Form

Maryland Immunization Certificate

Emergency Form

Health Inventory Form

Maryland Blood Lead Testing Certificate

Medication Authorization Form

3. The Maryland State Department of Education recommends for parents and/or guardians to read the Consumer Education Pamphlet on Childcare. Please click link below.

A Parent's Guide To Regulated Child Care

4. Read the Policies and Procedures of Active Children Learning Center contained in the Parent Handbook. Please ask our center director for a copy of our Parent Handbook.